To see the children’s hearts, grow with excitement for the things of God. They are soul winners and kingdom builders with a connection to the Father that can’t be shaken or broken by anything spiritual or natural. The children are free from sin and live under an open Heaven where all things are possible in Jesus name let it be so!
To be led by the Holy Spirit in teaching the children of Jubilee Outreach the gospel in such a way that they are excited and hungry for more and help them cultivate an intimate relationship with God our Father.
Current  01/01/2023
We are teaching 6th months - 3yrears of age in our Faith Walkers room, During service they have purposeful play time with themed Bible topics, prayer, and worship to engage their
 hearts and minds to learn more about God's love for them.
In the Live wires class (ages 4yrs old- 3rd grade), we are learning about how God faithfully kept his promise to send a Savior to save us from sin. Lessons include His virgin birth, the wise men's visit, Jesus in the Temple when He was 12, Jesus' baptism, and the temptations of Jesus.
The Promise Seekers (4th - 6th grade) Are starting Connect Unit 3 Freedom, which includes 6 lessons with icons. Together these icons tell the story of how God used Moses to bring the Israelites safely out of Egypt, through the wilderness, and into the Promised Land.  

Every class and age group has teachings designed specifically to engage them at their age and level of learning and understanding. We are excited to get to know and be part of the spiritual growth of each child entrusted in our care every Sunday.  We are happy to partner with you by providing materials on our website and app, that you can use to teach your children at home building on their biblical foundation.


Promise Seekers 4th - 7th Grade 

Promise Seekers  1/8

Connect Unit 3 Moses

Promise Seekers  1/15

Connect Unit 3 Exodus

Promise Seekers 1/22

Connect Unit 3 Wilderness 

Promise Seekers 1/29

Connect Unit 3 Commandments

Promise Seekers 2/5

Connect Unit 3 Promise Land

Promise Seekers 2/12

Connect Unit 3 Rewind

Live Wires 4years old - 3rd Grade 

 Live wires 1/8

 Live wires 1/15

Live Wires  1/22

Live Wires  1/29

 Live wires  12/11

 Live wires 12/18

Jesus: God Who Came to Earth Lesson 3 
Jesus Who Came to Earth Lesson 4

Jesus Who Came to Earth
Lesson 5
Jesus Who Came to Earth
Lesson 6
Jesus  Who Came to Earth
Lesson 1
Jesus Who Came to Earth
Lesson 2 

Faith Walkers  9month to  3years of age 

Faith Walkers 

God gives us Food 01/08- 02/12